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Tid bits May and June 2013...

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I've finally sifted through all of Riley's "haircut" photos. I think they speak for themselves. Her facial expressions are priceless! She was so excited to be able to donate to "Locks of Love." It didn't look like much hair to me, but the hairdresser said he's watched them make the wigs and it was enough. Riley is hoping her Mimi (who has to have chemo soon) will get her hair. Sure wish it worked that way. That would be cool.

I am so glad I got to go to Child Life conference in Denver last week. I learned a lot and played a little. When I left home to drive to the airport Charlie said, "I want to walk you out to watch you go to work on the airplane." Since that wasn't possible I took a picture for her. 

I was juuuust a little anxious to get going. To waste time I snapped pictures of people's reflections passing behind me. I know, lame right?

Downtown Denver is colorful and fun!

I really enjoyed hearing "Your Keys to the city" played by random people while walking the streets of Denver. These things would get destroyed in New Orleans or Baton Rouge. I thought this was really awesome!

16th Street mall was entertaining. I do wish we'd have had the time to explore the streets off of this main stretch though.

I loved hearing all of the music being played while I walked down the street. Check out this quick little video.

Bag full of goodies to take to work!

Here is a tiny portion of my "loot" from the exhibit hall at conference. My kids already took their portion. They were so excited! I really only discovered 2 things that were new/interesting to me. There's an organization that sends your hospital (if you sign up) free backpacks with materials to help children and schoolmates while a child is in the hospital. Then it has materials to help them re-enter school. It is called "Monkey in my Chair." Click on the link to check it out.

We were surprised by a visit from Mickey Mouse during our opening session of conference. Walt Disney World has partnered with Child Life Council by giving us a grant entitled Advancing the Field of Play for Hospitalized Children Initiative. This will help stimulate research in our field. 

VERY awesome!

iphone iphone

Our super fun hotel keys that were sponsored by "St. Jude."

We ate at a delicious restaurant called Linger. It used to be a mortuary called O'Linger Mortuaries. The sign is a landmark that cannot be removed, so the owner disconnected the lights on the sign and changed one to make it say "Linger Eatuaries." There was a lot of "morbid" art work throughout the restaurant that we did NOT have to stare at since we ate on the patio. 

Little Man Ice Cream - Yum

Enjoying my "Little Man Ice Cream"


Howl at the Moon. It was extremely entertaining to watch drunk people dance, and the music was fun. Definitely not something I do on a regular basis, but I'm glad Patty drug me along.

There was a display of Michelangelo replicas very close to the hotel. I was glad to be able to run in one day on my lunch break. It didn't come anywhere close to seeing them for real in Italy, but it was a nice reminder of that wonderful trip a few years ago (click the link to see those photos).  I took a few snaps of the replicas with my iPhone.

iphone Michelangelo's supposed workspace.

iphone iphone

We went for an awesome 2 hour bike ride, then rode to dinner. I miss riding bikes. That was definitely the most fun I had while in Denver. What a treat!

I tried and tried and tried to get a good view of the mountains. The city is IN THE WAY!

The best view I got was through the airport window when I was waiting to catch my flight home.

I came home to a clean house, a rose, a note, dinner, and dessert. I'd go on trips more often if I didn't miss em all so darn much!


Paul drew a picture of the tractor he got out of the treasure chest at speech last week. He was so excited to give it to Mrs. Lollie.

What a fun day at the park! I've already informed Aymee that once Colton is in school she will still have to come visit while my kids run loose at the park or zoo, or whatever. We will get all of the kids together on school breaks, but that's just not enough Aymee time.

I love how she always smiles with her eyes. We can call these sweet eyes if you like.

Sweet Colton and his mommy.

Too bad this gorgeousness only blooms once a year. :(

This was totally a pinterest steal. However, it proved to be extremely difficult to come up with 365. FYI, that is a whole lot of "bests" and "I love yous." If the mom and MIL read them and enjoy it was totally worth it. There's 2 with specific instructions to follow. If they don't read I will know.

This girl thinks she's big stuff sitting at the table.

I'm loving all the fresh flowers from the yard. It's proving to be fun.

Trying to include the librarian, PE, music, and art teachers for teacher's appreciation week. It isn't much, but I wanted them to know how much Riley loves their classes.
Camille is so slow to warm up when we get places. For some reason she decided Poppa Ben was a good man. She just walked right up and grabbed him.

Here's some of Riley's art work from when we cleaned off the art line.

I particularly love this one because she made herself look like Mam-Maw Kitty. She even put the tennis balls on the bottom of the walker. Riley even told me, "I made myself shorter because I'll be hunched over like Mam-maw."

One from sweet Paul.

This was from the middle of the year. It definitely wasn't the first day of school like the artwork says. I guess she was thinking about the first day when she drew it though.

Front yard fun with dad!

Riley got upset while we were playing. Camille couldn't stand that she was crying so she plopped down next to her and wouldn't get up until Riley started playing with her.

Camille loved looking at the kite.

No more mom!
Sassy pants.

Fresh air in the tires made a happy girl.

Sure gonna miss him when he starts school.

I didn't know what to do with these Melissa and Doug boxes. Finally the idea of a picture frame struck me.

Here's the before:

iphone before Here's the afters:

I am mostly pleased. I like the concept, but my modge podge was old and getting kind of clumpy. I don't really like the texture it left on the photos. When I want to replace the photos I'll just get a new bottle of modge podge and redo it on top of the photo already stuck on.

All 4 in one spot doing the same exact activity. This is most definitely a good toy.

I'm sort of loving this trick. I find the crystal glass makes it sound even better. I do wish it was deeper to encompass the whole phone. I'm not sure if it would make a difference or not.

Global Wildlife members only party! The kids had a blast. They keep asking to go back. What I am trying to help them understand is that it is NOT a party every time you go. It is only once a year. 

I didn't take my camera, so here are some iphone pictures.

Charlie wanted to go down the slide, but got super scared once she was at the top. She finally worked up the courage and went. She did it one more time after and was DONE. 


iphone iphone

iphone iphone iphone iphone iphone iphone iphone iphone iphone Hermit crab races...

iphone iphone ...and we now have a hermit crab.

I'm sure hoping this pet turns out to be a better experience than our previous attempts.


Riley and I were so excited to attend Lauren's (Riley's godmother) first veiling this past Wednesday. It was held in the beautiful religious community of St. Martinville. We can't wait to go back and visit. We got to sing their evening prayers with them as well as participate in Lauren's first mass as a Novitiate of the Community of Jesus Crucified Sister Servants. The Sisters from Missionaries of Charity in Abbeyville came to assist these 3 new sisters in the start of their brand new community. These incredible women took their vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience in front of the community they plan to stay in. It was beautiful!

You might say, oh give that poor baby a cookie. However, if you look closely you will notice crumbs all over the floor already. 

She stood there looking all cute and trying to climb up to get a cookie until Nanny Jaime gave in and gave her one. Can we say Nanny is a Suuuuuccccckeeeeeerrrrr?

Nothing makes my kid's day like chasing and catching a lizard. At least he wasn't in the house this time.


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