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Tid Bits July and August 2013

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Sharing time eating fresh, homemade chocolate chip cookies. 

Oh that hair!

Riley has to read for 10 minutes everyday as part of her homework. She and Paul discussed the book and planned to have her read to him long before it was time. I hope we get a lot more nights like this.

Ah, garage light for all photos is my dream. You just can't beat it!

She loves to bark. I couldn't get her to look at the camera, so I barked and asked her to find the puppy by mommy. It's a funny face, but at least she looked.

Back to the SWAMP! 

The swamp is Paul's teacher's classroom theme (aka Riley's kindergarten teacher that is AWESOME). 

Oh NO! Oh YES! I am so proud of this little boy. At the end of last year he kept saying he didn't want to go to Kindergarten. He wanted to stay home with me. I had Riley tell him all kinds of great stories about school. She drove him CRAZY! He covered his ears and said, "Ok, I that's enough! I get it!" After a few weeks he decided he was ready. I guess he stewed about all the fun stuff and changed his mind. 

He even woke up one morning earlier this week, brushed his teeth, came running downstairs, and said, "I'm ready to go to school". I had to wake him up today, but he jumped out of bed giving everyone high fives. He was READY! 

Taking breaks on the way to the bus stop to search for "treasure" (anything metal that's not a battery). 

Denis was home this morning, so I didn't have the heart to unnecessarily wake Camille just to go to the bus stop. I got a sibling picture minus one. :( I'm kind of OCD, so I'll take my camera again next week and get all 4 together. Charlie's wild hair is due to her daddy NOT rinsing during bath the night before. He left it up to the kids. Yuck!
Paul's second day of school. Camille was awake this time.

This one melts my heart. 

Riley was so excited to have Paul on the bus with her. She jumped up in her seat and sang, "My brother's on the bus with me. My brother's on the bus with me!" 

You can see the genuine excitement in his face here!

Sweet big sister switched spots with Paul so he could see out the window and wave at us. 

He doesn't look happy here, but he smiled and waved right after. I thought smiling and waving back was more important than getting that one on camera. 

What we came back home to! She was so proud that daddy was letting her walk around with her bowl of cereal. Tsk Tsk Tsk. 

Nanny Jaime bought some awesome clothes from Target today! Camille insisted on wearing ALL of them at the same time. 3 pairs of shorts, a dress, and a shirt. She has become so attached to my sister that she doesn't want anything to do with me if she's around. Little stinker! 

Rainy day fun! 

Sweet Camille handled me not letting her go out better than I thought she would. Riley's bus broke down today so she was an hour late getting home. When we were waiting in the front Camille got her turn in the puddles and made up for the missed fun in the back. Too bad I didn't get pictures. She was covered head to toe!

Anyone notice the "bangs" she isn't supposed to have? Thanks to little artist Riley who no longer has scissor privileges. 

Moment of midnight insanity: make crepes. I've never eaten them or made them before, but decided to give it a try. They looked so delicious when browsing on Pinterest while not able to sleep...

...and they were delicious. However, the after banana and crepe nightmare was terrible! 

Oh sweet, wild girl.

Latest project: Not in love, but maybe I'll get there. A cabinet underneath the tv to hold the vcr, etc. may help. We shall see. Suggestions on what color it should be are welcome. White? A warm, darker green than the walls? (My couches are dark brown leather).

I got a little carried away on Riley's first day of 2nd grade. I couldn't resist going back and comparing to previous years. Yes, yes, I know, she looks the same. However, she has grown up so much. Her face still had the baby look in Kindergarten. It definitely does not anymore.

You can definitely see the baby face in the full body shot below.

First grade year my main camera was out for repair at the start of school. Bummer that the quality isn't so great. I captured the memories anyhow.

Definitely more grown up here! Yes she's still sporting the same $15 Target backpack. I sure hope I can get away with this for every kid, every year, until the backpacks fall apart. 

For those that don't see the difference 2 years has made check out the pic below. I never would have let her take off that far ahead in Kindergarten. I've loosened up a bit and she's grown up. See, changes. 

Oh sweet hugs.

Riley got a little impatient waiting for the bus. She pulled out her coloring book to pass the time. Note: we were only out there 10 minutes. She was just so excited about the first day back. 

She's already learning this year and we LOVE her teacher so far. I think we've gotten really lucky 3 years in a row. 

Our Summer of fun is ending. Tears, tears, tears. Compared to normal I've barely taken photos this summer. There are a lot on this blog post, but this is from the whole entire summer! I've barely used my camera or edited pictures since I became pregnant. Now that I'm feeling better I'm trying to get back at it. As you will see below I have a mixture of real camera photos and iPhone photos. I was pretty lazy with the camera this summer. I spent a lot of time with the kids and didn't stress about ANYTHING. If I didn't feel like packing the camera I didn't. Surprisingly it didn't bother me either. 

I am working on a collage of photos to surround our new wall mounted television. I had a picture of my favorite (family) syrup, but wasn't pleased with it, so I redid it just the other day. Anybody else have a favorite? My hubby hates cane syrup. He doesn't know what he's missing! 

My latest organization project! Their bathroom is finally functional and clean!

We are in trouble! She's learned to climb up the slide and come back down. Can anyone else see her falling off from the top? I sure can.

Riley has been begging to camp all summer. Her daddy made the mistake of saying Mimi and Pops probably have a tent. She called them, asked for it, and voila! 2 days later they showed up with the tent. Of course it's the hottest day it's been all summer. Denis and Pops set it up, so I was willing to "sleep" in it until the kids gave up. We were playing a round of Chinese Checkers and Paul was the first to go saying it was too hot. Charlie wasn't far behind. I then read Riley her bedtime book and told her it was time to go to sleep. She lasted maybe another 5 minutes. Then she said, "This was a bad idea for the summertime. It is too hot! I can't wait for some cold weather. Let's go in." Whew. Thank you! 

Big sister attempting to keep Camille safe at the top of the slide. Good job Riley!

Riley's latest favorite game! Denis and I bought this in Baltimore when we were there for a friend's wedding years ago. Paul was just 10 months old then. We left the kids with Mimi and Pops and had the chance to really enjoy ourselves. We enjoyed ourselves so much we bought our kids a game they weren't even old enough to play yet. Look at em now! 

Camille's family night fun.

This was the second out of 3 batches of pears from our pear tree so far this summer. 

I turned the above into the below! Yummy! Especially on top of vanilla ice cream!

The Children's Discovery Center was having a hola hoop contest while we were there. Riley won, all 3 times! All of my kids loved it!

Trip to Target for a backpack turned into a lot of fun! The kids love these balls, but I NEVER buy them because I won't spend over $3 a piece for them. Since it's end of summer they are on sale! Each kid got one and they are having a blast with them. 

Our latest family portrait.

Bowling fun with Nanny Jaime and the Braun boys.

We had a great time! Thanks for the idea Nanny!

No camera, just iPhone pics. 

Swimming fun with our best play pals!

Mess? Yes! All four in one spot? Double YES! I spent half the summer praying for moments like these so I could sit a minute, catch my breath, and refuel. 

We had such an AWESOME trip to see our wonderful cousins this summer. Jill, Cara, and Mark showed us around a very rainy town for a weekend. They kept us well entertained despite the nasty weather. 

Matching girls ready for church: Jill was thankfully able to convince Charlie to take off her red pants by telling her she wouldn't match the other girls if she wore them. It wasn't a battle I was going to fight, but I"m so glad Jill fixed it. 

Camille's very first movie (shortly after Charlie's).

It was in a small theatre and we were the only ones there. 

She really enjoyed the chairs and running around while we watched the really cool movie on reptiles. We heard quite a lot of "ewwwws' coming from the kids (maybe me too). 

Yes that is a real skunk! Riley was the most fascinated and excited about it. How precious. I definitely don't want to come across one in the wild though.

Who knew a weekend project at The Home Depot could be so much fun?

I guess making that car was hard work.

You can't tell from Paul's face here, but he LOVED this activity! He said, "That was the most AWESOME surprise! Thank you!"

Ever since Camille met Allie she barks at every animal she sees (our hermit crab included). I can't convince her otherwise.

Oh these girls. 

I just love Riley's commentary throughout this video she took. I'm definitely going to miss her while she's at school.

My Paul played peek-a-boo with Camille several mornings so I could stay in bed a few more minutes. Once I get her out of the crib I don't have a choice but to get up. Those few moments were cherished. The girls wouldn't dare help in this way. My sweet boy is awesome!

Homemade carrot cake? Yeap, twice this summer. Shame on me. I probably ate most of it both times. 

Charlie's first time going to a movie theatre! She did much better than Paul at this age. She did ask when it was going to be over before it ever started. She did great sitting still, but it was too hard for her to follow. 

When guests come over they get roped into dancing to "Our God is an Awesome God." There could be worse things right? Actually, I think they enjoyed it as much as the kids. :) 

We went swimming a good bit this summer (something I didn't take any pictures of). Camille's latest thing is climbing all the way in the back and sitting in Riley's seat. She is so proud of herself. She knows I'm not climbing in to get her either. She gets to sit there until Riley gets in and hands her to me for her own seat. She thinks this is so funny. 

We had such a fun trip to the Insectarium with a whole crew of family. I passed a kid off to each adult and pretty much stuck with Camille. We couldn't have done it without a lot of help. It was an extremely crowded day. 

Riley wouldn't try any of the bugs, so I tricked her into having "cream cheese on a chip." This was her face after she ate it and I told her it had a cricket in it. Ha! Mean mommy. 

Mealie Bug with the Meal worms. Fitting right? Poor child. What a nickname!

I have a picture of Charlie playing on these as a baby. I was trying to get her to take a picture for me again, but 3 year olds are hard to convince. 

There's no better way to end a trip to New Orleans than to go to Southern Candymakers. Yummy! Thanks for the pralines Aunt Re!

This was one very long day for a little bitty girl. She was excellent though. No fussing, just tired.

Kid in a candy shoppe?

I can't remember exactly what Riley did wrong, but she was mean to Charlie. I made her pull a consequence from the jar. She had to make up a song about getting along and sing it to Charlie. It is hard to hear because I was so far away from her when she sang it. Turn your volume all the way up and you can hear it. 

I was proud of my homemade (from scratch) Belgium waffle batter. I even had to separate egg whites. If you haven't figured it out, all of these food pictures are because I'm pregnant. 

Camille's first haircut! Of course this is one of those things I didn't bring my good camera for. iPhone pics it is! We were actually going to cut Paul and Charlie's hair. (This was a few weeks after Riley's "Locks of Love" haircut.) Charlie cut her own hair because she wanted to donate. Sorry babe, you didn't have enough. I gave her the option of waiting to let it grow out or getting it cut now. She chose now, so we headed to get cuts. On a whim I decided to get Camille's first cut. She HATED it. Most kids do, but she really hated it. I don't remember my other kids being this awful for their cuts. 

Pajama fashion show by the Beck kids. They were hilarious! I almost wish I would have taken video instead. 

The kids got Burger King crowns and insisted the adults have crowns too!

Pops looks real thrilled right? You'll never believe that he took this picture himself. 

The 3 year old that never wants me to take her picture asked me to take pictures of her in the studio. What's a mom to do? Go take the pictures RIGHT AWAY! 

Of course the other girls needed a turn as well. Riley's didn't come out so great because she's kind of old for this setup. Sorry, you won't see any of her. 

What mommies do with books...

...what babies do with books...

...what big sisters do when mommy won't let them pick up the books just yet...

...what 3 year olds do with books when they get to do what they want.

My kids spent hours making several grocery bags full of torn up paper. Then proceeded to throw it off the balcony onto me, each other, and guests that came over. They cleaned it up every time so I let them do it for weeks. Summer fun! Summer fun! 

Love this bed head.

When mommy doesn't feel good.

VBS fun!

Some of our blueberries: We never had very many make it inside. Charlie ran out every day to pick and eat as many as she could straight off the bush. She would share if you asked, but if you didn't ask you didn't get any. 


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