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Camille's Birthday Bash

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We went with a Navy/nautical theme for Camille's first birthday to honor her deceased PaPa Buddy. She was born on his birthday, and he was in the Navy. It ended up being more nautical than Navy in the attempt to make it girly. It's the thought that counts right?

I got most of the ideas from sweet peach paperie. Her party pictures are fabulous! I didn't buy her print outs though. I got crafty and designed my own.

You should ask me about the goldfish one day.

I saw these sailor's knot bracelets and knew they must be the party favor. I knew it so definitely that Denis and I spent 2 hours one night trying to make them. Denis almost had it and messed up. Back up plan = my sister; aka Nanny Jaime. She rocked it! She figured out how to make them. She measured for 3 different sizes. Then she took my list of guests and went to work. She taught me and I just about had the concept. Then I got lost and she had to undo half of what I did in order to fix it. Needless to say, I moved on to other decorations and let her take over finishing the bracelets. If I worked at it a little more I know I could do it, but why when I have a sister like her?

Denis, Charlie, and the neighborhood boy are still wearing their bracelets. I hope somebody else is too.  WINNER. 

The kids spent the first few minutes making newspaper sailor hats. I'm so pleased they wore them!

Our attempt at getting a photo with both of us and Camille was a flop. The party was about to start and she was already OVER it. We look good though right?

That hair. Shame on this momma for not noticing and doing something about that. 

She warmed up after a while. This was a brief moment of strutting her skills in front of the neighbor babies that will also be learning to walk soon. 

Camille's first 12  months are hanging here. This is in place of our giant family portrait (without Camille) that fell down this week. I had the very heavy frame hanging with 3m tabs. It worked for 3 years, but either the frame or the wall was warped and they weren't catching just right. I noticed this and never did anything about it. Again, shame on me. Camille and I were sitting on the couch with our backs to it when it fell. We sure are lucky we didn't get hit by that frame. There's just enough space between the couch and the wall that it fell between, hit the floor and cracked. I took this as a sign that she should have a turn on the wall since we've been up there for a whole year of her life and didn't include her. 

Ah, the making of the boats...


My incredibly awesome dad cut and sanded the pieces for the boats. Please DO notice how great the wood looks. Please do NOT notice how terrible the sails look (I was responsible for those). 

This is a video so be sure to press play. You will not appreciate our experience unless you turn the volume ALL the way UP.


The finished products.

Camille had fun digging into the presents. Thank you to all who came and all who showed her a little love with gifts. She is really enjoying the new books and toys she got, and I am enjoying putting her in some new threads. She's super cute and just might win the spot in the "Let's do 52" project  a g a i n  this week. I am not being fair to my other children. What's that? Oh yea, shame on me.

I heard that big cousin Sammy spent a lot of time writing and drawing Camille's card. It is extra special and very adored. I can see the love and time he put into it.

Here's the neighbor carrying both of his babies at once. Great job! They really weren't unhappy here. The sun was just in their eyes. I am sad that we will miss their party in a few weeks because I have to work. If I could go you would be seeing some pictures from their party too. :( 

My mom has never worked with fondant before. It doesn't taste good, so I've never encouraged it. However, I saw a cake with fondant waves and really wanted it for Camille. So we decided to try a homemade fondant recipe that was supposed to look and taste good. It didn't. The cake was just fine after we peeled the fondant off though. I must say my mom tried very hard. She even grew her own rock candy to put on the bottom to look like water. She gets an A ++ for extra effort. 

Isn't the rock candy pretty?

This booger dug into her cake, then propped her feet up on the table and kept on eating. My kind of gal! The video is kind of long, but funny.

Video first. Pictures below.


Camille crashed in my arms shortly before her party was over. She couldn't take it any more.

I just noticed the anchor on the boat is floating in mid air. Oops, it is supposed to be decoration on one of the sails. I guess that's what happens when you decide to make another sign at 11:30 the night before the party. If no one noticed they sure will now. Ah well...if that's my biggest mistake of the party I'm doing pretty good.

She woke up from her nap super happy and had a great time with her new toys.


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