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The Start of Birthday Season

November 10, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Well this girl starts the birthday season in our little home and she did it with a bang. Happy 7th birthday little girl! 

She has lived defiantly the last few years and FINALLY seems to be leveling out. She has had really sweet moments, and really mean moments. From talking with my other mom friends this doesn't seem unusual for her age. It was definitely new to us though. The two above her were innately sweet for years. We didn't know what switch was flipped when she turned 4 1/2, but it sure flipped! It isn't flipping back as quickly as it flipped on. I see a gradual change in her. I see maturity, I see happiness, I see bravery, I see her fierceness in a great way! I am loving being the mom of this growing child. She fascinates me! 

Ear piercing tradition

The tradition in my home growing up was when we turned 10 years old we could get our ears pierced. My brother and sister-in-law thought they'd follow the same tradition. My brother figured it worked well for his sisters so it sounded good. When his daughter turned 7 or 8 (I don't remember exactly) she was asking to get her ears pierced. So they explained the tradition and told her when she was 10 she could. Well when she turned 10 she was terrified. She wanted them pierced, but was just too scared. I think she was 15 before she finally worked up the courage to get it done. Our oldest started asking when she was almost 8 so we said let's have our own tradition. Let's learn from my niece. When they ask let's do it. She was a bit dramatic, but did it well and with only a few tears. Charlie knew it hurt from watching Riley and of course from Riley telling her. Charlie's been saying ever since that she was NEVER going to do that until she was a teenager. She is the diva that lives with pearls and a fancy head band. We have to make her take them off to bathe and sleep. I thought surely she will want to sooner than that. Sure enough...

We happened to be driving by the place we got Riley's ears pierced at this past Tuesday. It isn't our normal route and I certainly didn't expect her to say yes or I wouldn't have asked. We were just driving along and I jokingly said, "Hey Charlie we are about to pass the place Riley got her ears pierced. Want to get yours done? Your birthday is in just a couple of days." She did't miss a beat and said, "Sure mom. Let's do it." Wait...What? She wasn't supposed to say that. I mean, I hadn't even talked to Denis about it. I had NO idea she would actually say yes. Ummmmm, ok. We pulled in and the place had closed down. I called the other location and they couldn't do it until Friday. I thought ok, she will change her mind by then. We already got her a birthday present. We didn't plan on this. Why did I ask her? What was I thinking? Then the smart momma that I am just kept on at it. "Hey Charlie, they can't do it until Friday. Want me to check if the pediatrician has an opening today?" Did I really just offer that? Seriously what was I thinking? I was already sure she would say no when Friday came around. I was off the hook. Uh! Of course she says, "yes!" Ummmm, "Charlie, the place Riley went was a fancy jewelry store. We can wait and go to the fancy place Friday." Charlie says, "no, let's go to the doctor to do it." Lo and behold they could fit us in. Luckily it was half the price of the fancy place and they had earrings just as cute. This diva was stoked to get her "star, diamond" earrings and I was stoked it wasn't the cost I thought it would be. 



Big sister helping

The whole crew waiting patiently

After the first one..

That was it. Not a tear. Just that little ouchie face. Then she held the phone and watched them do the other ear. Amazing and brave. She rocks! 

Then we moved on to a fun afternoon with friends. I only managed to capture her with one of them. This is her very first best friend (she has a whole list of them by now though). She loved getting to tell her all about her experience. 

She is truly having a birthday week! She got her ears pierced Tuesday. Her Nanny and Parian went to school to have lunch with her yesterday. We are having fancy dinner at home tonight, and taking her for free birthday donuts at the Donut King on Saturday. Fun week! 





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