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Happy Due Date!

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Oh sweet girl you weren't even THAT early, but you fooled us all into thinking you were just fine for about an hour. You really are just fine now though. You were well above your birthweight before your due date. You are really a champ! We have had a busy couple of weeks home, and couldn't be happier that you are here with us! 

Mom and Nanny Jaime worked so hard during your first photo shoot at home. This yellow and white crochet blanket is super special. It was mom's when she was a baby. Her aunt made it many moons ago, and now you get to use it. 

14 days14 days

Many things happened during the time you were still in the hospital. Mom had to take all of your siblings for eye doctor appointments. Mom made the appointments for when we thought she would still be pregnant with you. She was 4 days too late with that plan. Oops. After spending 2 days in a row at the eye doctor, instead of at the hospital with you, the only kid that ended up needing glasses is the oldest. It was still time well spent since mommy got some 1:1 time with each of the other kids. 

Happy Thanksgiving! This was an especially hard day for your mom. The nurse practitioner was letting mom nurse you. Dad had been at work all week and mom had been finding various family members to watch the other kids so she could be at the hospital. Your dad was finally home for a day and it was Thanksgiving. Dad wanted mom at home to celebrate and mom just wanted to be at the hospital with you. Mom was able to spend 3 hours with you before Thanksgiving lunch (even though dad wanted her home sooner). The kids made these awesome utensil holders and prayers for us to say together before lunch. After lunch we drove to the Christmas tree farm to pick out our tree. (Not much gets in the way of your dad's traditions, including a baby in the hospital.) Mom was super emotional because of this. In hindsight it was a great thing for your mom to spend the day with your dad, the other kids, and to pick out our tree.

Your dad made this super awesome sweet potato dish that met all of your mom's special diet requests. Thanks dad! 

This is real life right here Quinn. Picking out a tree on Thanksgiving, an hour from home, with you in NICU, cold weather (and not dressed appropriately), one kid crying, one smiling, one looking exactly like her mother, one being goofy, and one looking grumpy. Despite all of that, you can see from the pictures below that it was a really fun adventure! 

Just a few short days later your mom and dad went to the hospital the second they would let them into the NICU so they could wait to be discharged with you. 

After all the pain of getting you here and getting you healthy this was the best photo you could manage with your mom. Ha! Thanks kid. 

Mom took a traditional on the scale photo right after birth with the other 5 kids. That wasn't an option with you, so she grabbed one right before discharge from the NICU. It isn't accurate since you are fully clothed, but it'll have to do. You were actually 5 pounds 6 ounces that day; the tiniest of all the Beck babies. 

Mom and dad had to buy this gigantic commercial van to fit you in for family adventures - you are well worth it baby girl! 

Here are your 5 siblings in awe of you when mom and dad brought you in the house for the first time. Mom and dad wouldn't let any of them touch you because they all had colds, but that didn't keep them from staring at you for a loooooong time.  

Your first Christmas ornament gets to represent your hospital stay. It includes your pulse ox, EKG leads, preemie pacifier, hat, and hospital band. We couldn't fit your eye mask, ear muffs, and blood pressure cuff so mom saved them in your keepsake box. 

Paul was the first big sibling to hold you after you got home. He just adores you! 

He was also the photographer for your first bath at home. Good job Paul. 


1 big sister finally getting to hold you.

Another big sister finally getting to hold you.

A third big sister finally getting to hold you.

14 days14 days

Our little fighter! 

14 days14 days 14 days14 days 14 days14 days

Only as big as her stuffed animal. 

You were done with photos for the day. 

You fit in your homemade stocking, with room to spare, from Aunt Re!

Your future bed in the bunk room. You are so so tiny, but we know you will grow faster than we want. 

The snuggle is seriously real. You LOVE snuggles, and we love giving them to you. 


Mom will keep taking a million pictures like she did with the rest of your siblings, because you are perfect and wonderful! We thank God every single day for the blessing of you. 


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