Wedding Albums

I have an entire set of my wedding photos printed, and I still love that I have them years later. A proof book is the best way to remember your day for a lifetime.

Proof book (200 photos per book)

$325 for 1 proof book

$625 for 2 proof books


Proof Album

$10 increase in price

$10 increase in price


2   4x6 photos per page (3 photos per page are not available)

Proof pages

Coffee Table Books

The coffee table books allow you to get those few images from your wedding, that you LOVE, in a bigger version, at a great price. Sometimes a 4x6 is just not big enough. 

8x10 holds 20 photos. Only $275! 

20 8x10's would normally cost $700

5x7 holds 36 photos. Only $250!

36 5x7's would normally cost $792

4x6 holds 36 photos. Only $200!

36 4x6's would normally cost $540


Please keep in mind that there are MANY styles of wedding albums available. Print and digital are both very popular. I choose to offer print albums because an actual photograph, opposed to an image printed on the material of the chosen book, is more appealing to me. If you would rather a different type of album we can discuss your wants and make it happen! I am always open to new suggestions and products


More options

The 2 albums pictured below are also available. However, these may not be purchased using your $250 minimum print order requirement. Please select the below photo from within your gallery to order an album.

This album is bound in handcrafted leather, your photos are printed on photographic paper, and then professionally mounted.



This is a handmade bonded leather album with your photos inserted into matted pages.  The window "mat" frame of the pages is also subtly textured and coated. The final result of these beautiful albums is that your images are, for all intents and purposes, matted and protected from touching one another. A beautiful fabric-lined black presentation box is included.


Thank you for doing business with rileyroo photography.