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This is one super fun party that my sister and her neighbors have every year.

~ Thanks again for the fun Mona, Karen, Big B, and Jess ~

I used to go faithfully, but with 2 jobs and 4 kids it is increasingly harder to attended. I did not have to work this year, but had decided against going. Denis couldn't go and I wasn't comfortable going to a pool party alone with my 4 kids. Most of my family would be at the party, but it is still hard to take 4 kids to a party like this without their daddy. My wonderful sister, pictured below with Paul, sent me a text message that morning and insisted I come. She also said she would take full responsibility for 2 kids! How could I resist with an offer like that?  I never would have asked this of any of my family because it isn't their responsibility, especially not the hostess. She insisted, aka guilted, me into coming though. I sure am glad she did. We had a G R E A T  time! 


Lots of swimming!


Sweet Cooper enjoying the pool.


Nanny Jaime with Charlie and Wyatt. They had a ton of fun with those cheapo water guns Mae Mae brought. Nanny Jaime stayed in the pool with Charlie   F   O   R   E   V   E   R   !  Thanks Nanny.


Mrs. Janice and Coen right before he spilled her drink all over her. She took it in stride like all the grandmas I know. 


Aunt Jess with my Paul.

She was fantastic with him! He is really a booger with a lot of people, but Aunt Jess has a way with my boy! He had a blast!




 Jess with her own sweet Jacob. 


Camille being spoiled by her Mae Mae, as usual. 


The reason for the celebration!


Gotta love Richard. He gave me the quote of the day, "I thought it was hot in Africa, but I was wrong. You people invented heat!"


Cooper and Emily

Emily was an awesome help with Riley. Riley only recently learned how to swim. She still has to be watched closely. We gave big cousin Emily the job for a while. Emily stuck to Riley like glue to make sure she was ok.


Sloan with Coen.

Sloan even had a turn watching Riley. We passed her around for 4 hours! Riley just didn't want to get out of the pool!


Aunt Jess and Paul again.  Aunt Amy was pretty jealous that Paul had such a great time with Aunt Jess. 

Paul is not a fan of Aunt Amy. We think she forever ruined their relationship when she attempted to "Super Nanny" him into talking when he was 2 years old. 


Gorgeous Maggie sporting her new H O T orange swimsuit!


PaPa's turn to spoil Camille.


What a wonderful smiling baby. We love that Coen.


Coen and his awesome mommy.


Nanny Jaime's turn with Camille.


When they break from swimming they play baseball! The fun is never ending at Aunt Jess' house. 


Love this woman! She is one awesome "clickin mom." She is always sure to capture the great moments with her family. 


I must end this post with a picture of my sweet Camille. She finally rolled over for the first time while at the party. I have been waiting on this for a month! Camille is so relaxed, lazy, and growing rolls that I thought she'd never roll over. Boy was I wrong. She rolled over 4 times when I was outside checking on my other kids. Monee said she got to her belly, lifted up that head and gave a big ol grin! Then she started crying because she couldn't figure out how to get back over. Once we got home I tried cooing and bribing her with toys to get her to do it again. She wouldn't. I sure got some cute pictures of her while I was trying though. When I put the camera away and sat down to dinner with the rest of the crew she rolled over. Now she keeps rolling over during the night and waking me up to put her back right. Little stinker!


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