Camille's Baptism

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We this day do all agree a child of God you'll always be.

Camille, Camille, God claims you, God helps you, protects you, and loves you too.

We your family love you so, we vow to help your faith to grow.

Camille, Camille, God claims you, God helps you, protects you, and loves you too. 

We are here to say this day that we will help you on your way.

Camille, Camille, God claims you, God helps you, protects you, and loves you too. 

And if you should tire or cry then we will sing this lullaby.

Camille, Camille, God claims you, God helps you, protects you, and loves you too. 


This song is sung in my cousin's church (thank you Jill for sharing) during baptisms. I love this so much, and I sing this to Camille all the time. I've always sung "Jesus Loves Me" to my babies, but this song will now take it's place when I cuddle my babies. Not only does this tell them that God loves them, it also tells them that we, their family, will stand by God to teach what's right. 

I convinced my godfather, Barry Landry, to record the song for Camille. A few of the words are different, but isn't it wonderful?


Here's my first attempt at some Baptism photos of our sweet Camille. My mom and dad stopped by before church to drop off the cake.  So while Denis was loading the other kids into the car, I had my dad go in the backyard and hold Camille up for a few quick shots. 

My mom made this gown when she was in college. It is 100% cotton and hand stitched by her A M A Z I N G hands.

This gown has been worn by my mother's children (except one twin, Teresa, because two can't wear it at the same time) and all of their children.

My mother's children: Tony, Carrie, Jessica, Jaime, Rachael

My mother's grandchildren that have worn the gown: Emily, Cooper, Nick, Jacob, Reed, Riley, Paul, Charlie, and Camille.


Little details of this fabulous gown.


Camille was actually awake for these photos, but the sun was too bright.




Since the sun was too bright, I had another go at some pictures in the studio the day after her baptism. I was home with only Camille and Charlie the day I took these photos. Charlie was such a little helper by staying out of the way. She entertained herself with photo props while I positioned, repositioned, consoled, fed, and took pictures of Camille. 

Check out that sweet little wrist with the fabulous pearl rosary bracelet from Camille's godmother, Amanda Butler.


She's definitely awake here. I'm told she looks way too big in this picture. My sister said, "I just held her a day ago and she wasn't that big!" I am pretty sure it's those chubby little cheeks that make her look big.


This is my absolute favorite picture of the bunch. I love that little nose and hand. This one might just be worthy of printing on canvas for her room.


I can't believe I got her to look straight at me.


She sure did stir the entire session. I thought Camille's newborns were challenging, but this photo session was much more so.






More details of this beautiful gown.



I was getting myself ready for the baptism and had the thought that my sister, Jaime, should be at my house helping us all get ready.

(She is A L W A Y S there to help before every occasion. We never discussed or made plans this time though.) Then I get out of the shower and Denis tells me that she called and is on her way. Shhhhh, I think we're telepathic - don't tell anyone because they might think we are weirder than we already are. 

Since she was now at my house she got to help me dress Camille. I'm so glad she was there to know exactly what I meant when I said, "She is crazy!" That's A L L  I said and she knew I meant that my mother was crazy for putting the tiniest buttons in the whole world on this gown! I got quite a kick out of the fact that I didn't have to explain what I meant after I said it. 


Thanks to Jaime as well for getting all 4 kids on the couch so I could get a picture of them.


I better be careful or Jaime is going to quit coming around when there's important things to capture on camera. I set the camera up and hand it over to her (I sometimes try to instruct her on changing settings if necessary and she gives me the evil eye). She's not so patient with the lot of us. We are loud and very rarely cooperative for pictures as a family. Jaime told me I was worse than the kids. She took about 20 pictures in the span of 6 minutes and this is the only decent one we got. I sure love the digital camera age!


It only took me 2 shots to get this picture of Jaime with Camille, but 2 people are way more cooperative than 6.


Camille with her godparents, Amanda and Ryan.


I was informed by this man (my father-in-law) that I should have been taking pictures of more important things (like my daughter). He paid me back by lifting his camera and taking a picture of me aiming my camera at him. I may be adding some pictures in here once I get the set he took. His camera is a step up from mine.  He has a new awesome lens on it, and his skills are 100 steps up from mine.


Mass lasted an hour and a half with baptism following. I thought we could make it home before I'd have to nurse Camille, but no such luck. I finally gave in and was in the middle of nursing her when it was time for the first blessings during the baptism ceremony. I threw her on my shoulder when it was her turn and she didn't budge much after. 


Milk-drugged Camille with mommy hoping to get a burp out of her. It's usually impossible when she's this sacked out though.


I can't believe Jaime actually caught us all in this photo. You have to look close, but you can see all 4 of my kids heads.


Here's proof that Charlie watched the baptism. Thanks to her Parrain for holding her up so she could see.


I do love that the deacon strongly encouraged the entire family to crowd around the baptismal font to witness the baptism. However, that made for very close quarters when trying to capture it on camera. Kuddos to Jaime for the taking on the task.


The blessed oil that was put on Camille's head smelled fantastic. I didn't want to give her a bath.


Aunt Amanda telling Camille that they needed to fix her dress or I'd be mad that it looked funny in the picture.






Uncle Ryan talking to Camille so sweetly. 


Mimi and Uncle Ryan consoling a fussy baby. I think Camille was D O N E at this point in the day.




Camille's siblings opened all of her presents so mommy could take pictures. Paul really enjoyed his job. I think this made them all feel included.


Pops reading Camille's new Bible with Charlie.


Uncle Ryan getting Camille ready to be sung to.

"Happy Baptism to you" was led by her big cousin Emily.


It is tradition for my parent's to give a birthday knife to the child that is being baptized. Read the poem in the picture below.


Here is another incredible cake by my mom! Thank you Mae Mae (and PaPa too) for making it gorgeous and yummy!




Gifts Camille received in addition to her birthday knife and money for her college fund.







This little girl is so loved and rotten! I think even more so than my other 3 kids because she has them to adore and love on her!  What a blessed and joyous day!


Could you please tell me where the cake knife is from?
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