Ten things we love about Denis

December 21, 2012  •  4 Comments

Denis is getting a little something from us each day for the 12 days leading up to Christmas.

Number 10 is telling the world ten things we love about him!

I hope he doesn't hate me for this.


We love that he makes the bed often. My grandmother and my parents taught me that making the bed completely changes the feel of a room. We are not so great at doing this on a regular basis. Thankfully, Denis is!



We love that he cooks when he is home.


We love that he has a ton of patience with us.


We love that he grocery shops, mostly gets it right, and usually takes kids with him.

Although I will never let him live down coming home with "I can't believe it's not butter" when I told him to buy REAL butter. 


We love that he is a gardener.


We love that he is so incredibly unselfish. 

He's working on his manager's schedule (in crayon) while "coloring" with Riley.


We love that he irons his own clothes AND doesn't gripe about it.



We love that he prays and reads with us every night that he is home. 


We love that he is a handy man.


We love that he still surprises us with special secret projects. (Like painting and organizing the studio).


Here a a lot more pictures of him doing what he does best: loving and taking care of his family!

Walking the girls down the street for the neighborhood Mardi Gras parade (before heading to work).




Breakfast with the kids before school.



Holding a sleeping baby while chasing other kids at Chuck-e-cheese.


Napping with the naughty baby that is also supposed to be napping.


I love that he lets me take pictures of him (even if he doesn't like it).


Relaxing in the garden.


We love that he gets silly.


Dancing with his girl.


Carving a pumpkin. I am super thankful he does this, because my kids love it and I wouldn't bother. 


Games with Charlie.


Attempting to work.


Decorating for Christmas. Again, I am thankful he does this because I love it and the kids love it, but I wouldn't bother. 


Contemplating pantry organization. (He does this every 2 or 3 weeks. It is awesome to watch!

He is just as excited to see the kids as they are to see him.


I love that he caved and let me have three attempts at Christmas card pictures.

He's on to me. He wants to know why I'm taking so many pictures of him. Can you tell that he is DONE with my camera?


Last, but not least: his mischievous smirk. He's always up to something (I wonder where Charlie gets it from).


I do believe that, if you marry, your spouse is a significant part of your path to heaven. Denis is such an old soul that is incredibly giving and unselfish. He is carrying, dragging, and walking with me along the way. I am honored to be his wife. The kids are honored to have him as a daddy.

We love you Denis.



Sandy Gass(non-registered)
Love the pics of Denis and your beautiful children. Denis is absolutely awesome, but then you deserve the best. The two of you still look like you did when you were LA Tech students.
Bonnie Beck(non-registered)
Denis, you truly are one of the most kind, generous, and thoughtful people that I know.Daily you display what being "God's servant is all about." God bless you and your wonderful family during this Christmas season and always. Our prayers and thoughts are with all of you. We love all of you, Aunt Bonnie and Uncle Jerry.
Kelley O'Connor(non-registered)
We love the way he loves, with see it in his interaction with you and the babies. He is a good husband and father and it is obvious.
This is totally awesome!!! Such a great family you have!
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