I have a fabulous husband who keeps us all laughing around here, and 5 beautiful children that God has entrusted me to care for. I love to photograph them! Which led me to develop a deep passion for the art of photography. My oldest daughter, Riley, inspired me to take more pictures every day. I strove to capture the little moments that were all too easily being forgotten in my life. Now WE strive to capture those fleeting moments for anyone that will give us the honor. I say WE because my whole family is involved in this business in some way. This business is an unexpected, but delightful, path we are now traveling together. Our goal is to create a memory that you can have printed to cherish forever. We want you to have what we have. Sometimes that means saving ahead to afford the unique photography experience we design to fit your individual needs. Please read here for further explanation on cost.

I am a wife and mother by God's design, Child Life Specialist by trade, and a photographer by chance. Thanks to you, the client, I have gained photography experience and am now able to apply all of those aspects of my life to being a volunteer infant remembrance photographer through NILMDTS.

With all of that being said: we hope you choose rileyroo photography for your photo needs!


Rachael's newest endeavor is a detailed coloring book called Color Your Way Through New Orleans. Coloring for all ages has really picked up the last few years. It is relaxing and creates a great family atmosphere. Check it out here!

rileyroo photography by Rachael Beck
Rachael Beck photography
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